BC FUN FRIENDS Parent Program

was developed with parents for parents to support young children.

[Fun FRIENDS] has helped in so many ways. I give the program so much credit for helping my son to learn how to calm himself and manage his frustrations. He has learned how to express his feelings and realizes he is not alone (- a parent).

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) has funded and led FRIENDS programming in British Columbia since 2004 and is one of the top leaders in the world of ‘large-scale’ FRIENDS programming.  MCFD partners with The FORCE Society For Kids' Mental Health to deliver the parent component of FRIENDS, which complements and reinforces the skills being taught in the classroom.  MCFD is a licensed and certified training partner of Pathways Health and Research Centre, Brisbane Australia. 

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Home Page

Welcome to the Fun FRIENDS for Parents site!

This Fun FRIENDS website is for parents of children ages 4 to 7 who are in kindergarten and grade one. If you are looking for FRIENDS parent information and resources for children and youth, ages 9 - 13, please click here.

As you navigate through this site, and click on the menu items at the top, you will learn About Us and BC FRIENDS, Anxiety and ResiliencyFun FRIENDS Steps, Fun FRIENDS at HomeFun FRIENDS in the Classroom, and about many of our parent Resources and Tips that can be used at home with your entire family. 

There are video clips of children sharing their worries, parents using Fun FRIENDS at home, teachers sharing their experiences of using Fun FRIENDS in the classroom, and much more.  Also included are many parent-friendly downloadable activities and resources throughout the website.

You can also click on each of the Fun “F-R-I-E-N-D-S” steps (beside the little girl finger painter above) that will show video clips of parents and children practicing the Fun FRIENDS steps at home.

This online parent program is a great starting place for you to begin reinforcing the Fun FRIENDS program at home.We hope that you will come to understand a little bit more about some of our why’s;  - why we developed this website, why we want to educate as many parents as we can about anxiety, why we want to show parents how easy it can be to build resilience in their children so they can bounce back from life’s challenges, and last but not least - why we are working so hard to reach as many teachers, parents and children as possible through FRIENDS programming in BC!

We hope you enjoy learning more about the FRIENDS Program and all of the parent tips and resources throughout this website.  We welcome your feedback so we can continue to further enhance this website for parents and families.

If you'd like to receive more information or news about the BC FRIENDS Parent Program including new materials and resources, please subscribe here to receive our e-news. (approx 4 - 6 per year).

Please note: This website (video segments and corresponding materials) are not meant to replace the services or expertise of your doctor or any professional you may be working with. This website is for educational purposes only. .